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About NewVisions

NewVisions Communications is a full service operator and systems integrator of high-speed broadband services. We utilize a fiber network to provide affordable very high-speed broadband, Voice over IP (VoIP), and cable television to residential and business customers. Most broadband providers only advertise “up to” download speeds. NewVisions, featuring BLINK services, provides a two-way high-speed connection. Our speeds are up to 25 times faster than other “high-speed” services, and up to 100 times faster than dial-up connections. Unlike other broadband access technologies, NewVisions BLINK is for today’s Internet usage patterns which increasingly require faster upload speeds, enabling to share photos, videos, send emails with large attachments such as power point presentations and play online gaming without the “lag” which is noticeable with other Internet connections. Our cable television offers the highest picture quality and customers have over 50 bundled packages to chose from…And it’s affordable to fit every consumer’s needs and budget.

Applying gigabit passive optical network technology turns the fiber network into a local area network, allowing any device with a standard internet connection to use the network. By using modular fiber drop cables, New Visions has the potential to access virtually every home and business in its service area.

We are presently delivering our services in the Syracuse area. We are currently looking to extend our network and services into other areas of the State, especially in rural areas which currently lack affordable broadband services.

NewVisions has played a important role in driving industry efforts to delivering affordable broadband services to rural areas and has maintained strategic relationships with leading suppliers and critical communication components.