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NewVisions is facilities based, integrated service provider that has developed and has begun deploying an internet Protocol (“IP”) communications network which utilizes fiber-to-the-premise to deliver affordable high speed broadband and other communications services. NewVisions services include Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), High-speed internet access, and Voice over the internet (VoIP).

NewVisions was founded in 2003 with the fundamental belief that the broadband infrastructure in this country is in need of dramatic change and that the internet is the perfect vehicle to drive this change. Our groundbreaking new network employs a meshed network to provide the end-user a high-speed affordable broadband network.

NewVisions has played a principal role in driving federal and state regulation, and has maintained strategic relationships with leading suppliers of communication components.

  To develop the technology and broadband network platform that will eliminate the digital divide in this country and deliver affordable high-speed broadband services to underserved rural areas. Affordable broadband is the driving force behind economic development, education, and social services.  
  To consistently enhance investor value through the profitable and timely deployment of our internet protocol fiber networks and to deliver affordable broadband services to rural areas.