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About NewVisions

“New Visions installed my service today, and I cannot believe how much better the picture quality is, and I want to Thank You!!”
— Walter C. of Syracuse

“We need Blink in all our lives, and in all of Onondaga County"...“ I trust you like neighbors, even more than my neighbors as I don’t know some of them..” “Your personnel is so obliging, everyone is wonderful from customer service to your guys that do the installations, you are just like family to me…unbelievable such real people, in fact I’d love to have Lisa & Jennifer as my daughters!!” …I’m talking to you from the bottom of my heart…we all need blink in our lives”
— Carole K. of Syracuse

"The picture is much clearer!"
— Suzzy K. of Syracuse, NY

"You can't beat the quality - Better than the others. "
— John B. of Syracuse, NY

"Picture is so clear, it looks like we have new TV's."
— Bob P. of Syracuse, NY

"What a step up. Blink Service is from our old internet provider, broadband over Powerline is absolutely impressive"
— Bob S. of Solvay, NY

“The quality is wonderful. My wife and I cannot believe it. With Verizon, there was so much interference and we had to have the volume turned up to its highest just to hear people. With you, we had to turn the volume down. Voices are much clearer. We are very happy with it. We are very, very happy that we switched over.
— Bert P. of Solvay, NY

"Thanks for all your help and that goes for the technician who did the install today. Everyone's been very helpful and courteous."
— Anthony D. of Solvay, NY

"Finally, lightning fast internet at a very affordable price with real customer’s about time! "
— Bob P. of Solvay, NY

"New Visions Staff and professionalism is what most service providers hope to achieve and the one's I have had have never come close to the way New Visions has treated me. Since I signed on with New Visions I have been impressed with the office team, the installation staff, and especially with Roy - who is to me the personification of excellent customer service." "Hope all continues to go well for your team."
— Mike C. of Solvay, NY

"Years ago I heard about New Visions coming to the area, and was excited. When it was time to be installed I was apprehensive that the service wasn't going to be up to par, as I did not know anybody who made the switch. I decided to give it a try, and am so glad I did. I had Road Runner in the past. The customer service is great. During a recent power outage the company automatically rebooted the system immediately, without any communication on my end. I am going to take advantage of all New Visions has to offer, and sign up for the phone deal too. I am very pleased, and really like the online bill notifications. I am definitely telling my friends that can take advantage of this service."
— Wendy K. of Solvay, NY

"I have to say the entire process was a lot easier/faster than other services. Between the fast set up time, friendliness of staff, incredibly fast connection, and great prices, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you New Visions Team!"
— Jessica G. of Solvay, NY

"Your customer service is very excellent with calling back when having questions or concerns. Very pleasant to deal with."
— Melissa R. of Solvay, NY

"We had been using Road Runner for several years and didn't think anything could be as fast. However, once RR decided to increase our monthly cost to over $50, we knew we needed to find something else. We heard from a few people that New Visions was just as good and much less expensive, so we made the call to switch. From the phone call to the installation, we had no problems at all. Everyone was very informative and the customer service was excellent! We use our Internet every day and it is just as fast if not faster than RR. We couldn't be happier! "
— David, Melissa and Madison C. of Solvay, NY

"Recently went from dial up to New Visions. Love it. Because of a problem created by a family member, we needed help. The problem solver sent by New Visions was tremendous. Polite and a real "whiz"."                
— Mary M. of Solvay, NY

“I am very pleased with the high-speed service I'm getting from Blink. The entire staff has been extremely helpful in getting me started, from the technician who installed the hardware to the office staff who made all the arrangements. I'm also very impressed that this company is involved in the community it is serving. Blink donated to our local food bank during this holiday season! And, when I asked about setting up a website for my church, they said to give them a call when I'm ready, and they'll be there to help.”
— Carol R. of Lakeland, NY

“Our new K-Phone & Blink Internet service is working great, no problems. The quality is much nicer than what we had before with Verizon, and much less expensive.”
— Michelle & Jim P. of Lakeland, NY

“I Can’t believe how fast I was hooked up, and the courtesy of their workers was fantastic.  I would strongly recommend them to anyone.  I don’t know why I waited so long to hook up.”
— Rich  L. of  Lakeland, NY “

"I just can't get over how quick my surfing has become since I went to New Visions, I have tried dial up, then I went to DSL and now I am truly getting the service I require plus work I use 'those other guys' you know those commercials that promise you a lot that you always see on the TV and you know what, I think they spend more on advertising then on upgrades because my home pc surfs faster than my work pc with 'those other guys service. Try New Visions, once your there you won't need to switch again”
— Mike P. of Solvay, NY

“I am so pleased with my service. The people are friendly, especially Lisa. She is the greatest. She takes care of me every time I call. Everyone I have come in contact with has been very nice. I would recommend New Visions to everyone! It is a great service, and the people are super nice. I am so happy I chose to go with this company. If you have a problem they are there quick to respond. They always give it their best, and are all around the greatest. Thank you for the best service and people”.
— Lynn W. of  Lakeland, NY

“Hi, We are so pleased with our Blink access to the internet. It is fast, at top speed & something new for us since our last access was dial up! We had known for 4-5 years that New Visions was coming to our area, so we stayed with the very slow dial up waiting for your services. Didn't like the wait, but we are so happy with the results! Thank you.”
— Judy R. of  Lakeland, NY

“Hello New Visions, I have been with you for 2 months now and the services i have received have been Great!! I call and someone helps me at once and the problem gets fixed!! I have no complaints at all!! You have wonderful services and Happy Employees always kind and friendly!! I am very satisfied with New Vision and would recommend your services! Thanks -So Much! Happy Customer”.
— Kathy H. of Solvay, NY

“I am very happy with your service & looking forward to the telephone service. Thank You”.
— Doug H. of Lakeland, NY

“Working Great and the two gentlemen that came the other day, Jeff & Jim were wonderful.  You have a great couple of guys working for you. Boy I am going to be permanent fixture in your company”.
— Ida S. of Solvay, NY

“Amazing… is the one word that comes to mind when I think of Blinks high speed internet service, and the Staff at New Visions.  High Speed internet blows away the others who claim to be providers of high speed internet.  The installation was a breeze, and I can’t believe how they bent over backwards to bring me High Speed Internet and a NEW telephone Number and service the very NEXT DAY!!  I would have had to schedule weeks in advance with anyone else.  They really have their act together, and the customer service is better than any I’ve experienced before.  Way to go New Visions… thanks for coming to my area!” — Bill R. of Solvay, NY

“Everything has been working wonderful.  The speed seems to be faster for the internet.  Speaking to Jennifer on the phone and our tech man were very nice and helpful.  The service has been working fine.  I’m excited looking forward to your cable service also.  We are fortunate to have Solvay Electric and now phone/internet/cable from New Visions (instead of Time Warner) in our area.  Thanks again for your service, we love it.” — Brittany G. of Lakeland, NY

“The install service was great and so far my experience with the internet is going well and once again it is great to have a company that can supply affordable service with great internet speeds.”
— William S. of Solvay, NY

“Obviously another reason why I switched to you, Excellent Customer Service!”
— Michelle P. of Lakeland, NY

“We have tried all the rest, and now we have the best – NEW VISIONS!”  
— Ed S. of Solvay, NY

“I would like to let you know that after just getting on board with our new net service, Blink, I was really impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the 2 technicians that came out to get us set up.  They were both personable, responsive, and the installation was neat and clean.  Your technician Jeff went out of his way to ensure my wife understood how to use many of the features available.  I am pleased with the speed of the net service AND the customer service that I have received.  Thank you!”
— Randy W. of Solvay, NY

“I want to let you know that we have been outstandingly happy with Blink as our internet service!  Any issues or questions that we have, have been in a very timely manner by a member of the billing team, Jennifer, or from customer service.  We have recommended Blink to several of our friends and neighbors, so we know you have been busy in Solvay.  We would like to thank you again for your great customer service and a great team of employees!”
— Laurie W. of Solvay, NY

“We’ve been with the rest, I think we found the best!!!  It’s great to call and actually get a live person to pick-up, not to mention someone that’s in the same town, state and country.  The service techs are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving the customers.  I’m glad we made the change, keep up the good work and can’t wait for the TV to come on board.”
— Cheri W. of Solvay, NY