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New Visions Launches 110 Mbps Service to Residential and Business Customers
Company touts fastest Internet service commercially available in the U.S
  SYRACUSE, NY - New Visions, a provider of affordable high-speed broadband solutions, today launched a 110 Mbps high-speed Internet service to its residential and business customers on the west side of Syracuse. The company believes that 110 Mbps per second download and 30 Mbps upload speed is the fastest Internet currently available in the U.S today. “We are thrilled to be the first market to offer 110 Mbps service to our customers,” said Carmen Branca, President of New Visions. “110 megabits per second is at least 20 times faster than most Internet speeds people get today!”

The service is another demonstration of the power of New Visions deployment of next-generation Gigabit Passive Optical Network technology, which sets the standard for delivering high-speed Internet service across its fiber-optic network. The technology will enable New Visions to deliver faster speeds well into the future.

“Gone are the days when someone connected a single PC to a cable modem,” stated Branca, “Our higher-tier customers are usually networked within the home using a wireless router and they’re connecting a desktop computer, two or three laptops, a gaming console, Internet photo frame and countless other devices to their home network. When these applications run simultaneously, it’s easy to see how faster services will be needed. Customers, no matter how technical they are, tend to value the ability to go faster. Virtually all applications benefit from an increase in speed.”

New Visions now offers an array of affordable service packages ranging from 10 Mbps up to 110Mbps.

Today’s announcement showcases the power of New Visions advanced high-speed network and its commitment to bring affordable high-speed broadband services to the consumer.

About New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc.
New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc, a privately held company based in Syracuse, N.Y. is a provider of affordable broadband solutions delivering service to suburban and rural areas. The New Visions product line includes cable TV, high-speed internet and telephone service along with a countless number of applications that can utilize their high speed network. Further information about New Visions is available at and