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New Visions Completes Financing for its Video Super Headend
  SYRACUSE, NY - New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc. a provider of affordable high-speed broadband solutions, today announced that it had completed the financing for its Video Super Headend.

“This is a huge step forward in our goal to provide our customers affordable TV and triple play of services” stated Carmen N. Branca, Jr., President of New Visions. “During these difficult economic times, New Visions was able to secure financing for this project because of the confidence the financial world has in our ability to complete our build out model.” New Visions will be utilizing the most advanced “next generation” of equipment that will enable the emergence and delivery of video, data and voice into an Internet protocol delivery system. The FCC is looking to transition the communications network in the United States from a circuit-switched platform, which has been in operation for over 50 years, to an all-Internet protocol network. It is expected to take many years to achieve this goal. With the installation of its Video Super Headend, the New Visions network will be one of the first in the country delivering video, internet and voice services using a 100% Internet protocol network. “No longer is broadband simply another service … it is a growing platform over which the consumer accesses a multitude of services in an integrated way across applications and providers, “stated Branca. “The Internet protocol network will allow New Visions to efficiently deliver broadband services to rural areas that are so lacking these services.

About New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc.
New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc, a privately held company based in Syracuse, N.Y. is a provider of affordable broadband solutions delivering service to suburban and rural areas. The New Visions product line includes cable TV, high-speed internet and telephone service along with a countless number of applications that can utilize their high speed network. Further information about New Visions is available at and