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New Vision’s President Speaks at the NYS Association of Towns
  SYRACUSE, NY - Carmen N. Branca, Jr. President & CEO of New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc., a provider of high-speed broadband-over-the-powerline (BPL) solutions spoke at the annual meeting held at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. Over 900 towns cover the entire State of New York. His speech was given to the Supervisors and Town Board members who attended the meeting.

“It’s the key infrastructure of the 21st century”, Branca noted, “I cannot stress enough the importance that broadband infrastructure will play in the growth and economic future of our towns across America.” “It’s as important to towns and cities as roads, sewers, water, electricity, and telephones were building out our country over the last 100 years.” “To be part of the “new global economy” you must have this infrastructure”. “Utilizing the electric grid to deliver high-speed broadband services is an ideal solution.” “Electricity is ubiquitous.”

About New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc.
New Visions Powerline Communications, Inc, a privately held company based in Syracuse, N.Y. is a provider of affordable broadband solutions delivering service to suburban and rural areas. The New Visions product line includes cable TV, high-speed internet and telephone service along with a countless number of applications that can utilize their high speed network. Further information about New Visions is available at and