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The Ultimate in Customized TV Viewing
Until you’ve experienced BlinkTV, you haven’t really watched TV up to our standards. That’s because we offer every incredible feature brought to you through the latest fiber optic technology, in a package that’s completely custom-tailored to your personal viewing habits. Premium channels, On-Demand programming, multi-room DVR, HDTV, Pay-per-View, you name it. It’s all yours, at the touch of a button.

The Fastest Internet Speeds in America
On today’s Internet, it’s all about speed. As uploading and downloading require more and more bandwidth, you need a network that can handle it. BlinkInternet uses cutting edge technologies and two- way fiber optic mesh networks to deliver lightening-fast service, day and night.

All-inclusive Phone Service with Unlimited Local & Long-distance
Forget about phone companies that tack on fee after fee for every service they can think of. BlinkPhone offers a complete package, with all the popular features – and many you may never have seen before – for one low, easy-to-understand price. Call anywhere in the domestic US and Canada. No contracts. No gimmicks. No hidden charges.

Save Money Every Month
So many of your friends and neighbors have already made the switch to Blink…and they’re pocketing the savings month after month. By employing the very latest technology, we can provide the highest quality services while also offering superior affordability. It’s an absolute no-brainer.

Bundling for Even Greater Savings
Each of our services – BlinkTV, BlinkInternet and BlinkPhone – are outstanding values in their own right. But bundle them together, either in a Double Vision or Triple Vision package, and watch your savings multiply. Because all our services operate over the same high-speed fiber optic network, you’ll achieve maximum economies by combining them into a single package.

Unparalleled Customer Service, Right Here in Central New York
We’re part of your community, founded and operating in the Syracuse area. That gives us a stake in Central New York, and a reason to keep you satisfied. So whether you’re dealing with our friendly sales staff, highly trained on-site technicians or skilled support personnel, you’ll find we’re all focused on one thing: your satisfaction - because we care. Please call, and see what we mean.